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RSVP by Dec. 23

Get the Drop on New Year's Eve

We know you're still wrapped up in - well, wrapping fabulous presents.  And last-minute online orders.  And since you're already in shopping mode...New Year's is barreling up, too!  What's Dec. 31 without Confetti? 

Can X-Streamers add Party to your list?  

We'll set you up with great personal party props so your guests ring in 2015 with soaring color:  Flashy streamers. Fluttering, slow-fall rectangles. Launchers disguised as champagne bottles that launch confetti.  The whole works.  Below are just a couple of samples.

RSVP by midnight Dec. 23 and shipping's on us. We can't wait to party with you.


Celebration Launchers
Starter Kit

So many of you already have our Starter Kit!  For those who don't yet, take a look. The pro-level Kit supplies you with 2 handheld Celebration cannons, and enough confetti and streamers for 10 amazing blasts.  Each launch covers 45 to 65 feet.  After New Year's, reload for parties all year round. 

Pre-loaded Fun
Flick Sticks

You'll want one for each guest.  Every handheld Flick Stick is pre-loaded for 2 launches.  A flick of your wrist sends our slow-fall, fluttering tissue 15 to 18 feet in the air. Choose multicolor or snowy white confetti - both perfect for a wintery New Year's Eve celebration.  Hand them out or pre-set as centerpieces.

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