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Ferrellels - The Grips' Favorite

Ferrellel Travel Tips


  • Ferrellels travel six to a 44" x 83" rolling cart.

  • Rack fits on most lift gates. 

  • Pack across the truck for efficient loading.

Ramp It, Dress It Up or Make It Disappear

  • Ramp from either end

  • Tough aluminum structure

  • Wood or diamond top

  • Stackable 

Grips grab Ferrellels because they set up fast, travel well, change height and stay rock solid.  Just squeeze the lock pin levers to raise or lower the scissor-lift Ferrellel to 16", 24", 32" or 40". Ramping either end is simple.  Standard wood tops make attaching equipment and sets easy. Optional aluminum diamond-plate tops make great-looking set pieces.


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